ocean cov 3
Screen shots for the film, above. View the film on vimeo at:  https://vimeo.com/195500446

For the past 3 years, John Kerry has held a conference for global leaders on the key issues facing Earth’s oceans with a plan to commit to actions to protect the world’s waters.

This year, for its media presentations the conference employed a single, seamless, 10 ft high screen that spanned 3 walls for a total length of 180 ft.  To make the opening of the conference both memorable and inspiring, the goal was to create a film that transformed 16×9 footage into seamless 18×1 images that would submerge the viewer in beautiful, full-screen, underwater landscapes.  The resulting 6-minute film showcases the ocean’s beauty as well as the issues threatening its survival.

editor/multi-screen compositor: jamie lee godfrey
writer/producer: eric hoffman
executive producers: enric sala, neil gelinas
music: dewolfe music, chris beaty

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