I am an editor and motion designer with over 10 years experience working on projects that range from 10 seconds to 90 minutes. My long-form work includes editing two award-winning, feature-length documentaries, as well as 4 1hr episodes for Nat Geo Wild Channel. In addition, I have worked across several short-form video platforms such as web promos, music videos, and kinetic type animations for National Geographic magazine. For the last few years, I have been working in a new genre: the multi-screen/big screen film.  In 2013 and 2014, I created two multi-screen video installations for the National Geographic museum. Most recently, I created two seamless video installations in 12×1 and 18×1 proportions, respectively, for the Newseum in Washington, DC and John Kerry’s 2016 ocean initiative.

My work has been nominated for 2 News and Documentary Emmy awards as well as 2 Webby awards, in the “best editing” and “experimental and weird” categories. It has also screened in international festivals and been named “best documentary.”


kimisagara, kigali, rwanda   port-au-prince, haiti | july 2011  sahara desert, morocco